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Starting from scratch

  • Bring Peace into your Life
  • Improve Self Confidence
  • Reduce Depression
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Eliminate Negative Thoughts

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Join our intensive three-day workshop, blending individual and group learning with meditations and reflections. Every attendee receives ‘Starting From Scratch’, and is treated to light snacks and lunch during this transformative journey.

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Enrich your school’s curriculum with the principles of ‘Starting From Scratch’. Our tailored training sessions ensure students not only understand, but live the teachings, fostering a more harmonious and insightful educational environment.

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Invite Kristin Bruce to captivate your audience, drawing from the wisdom of ‘Starting From Scratch’. Every speaking event is a fusion of powerful insights, real-life examples, and actionable advice, tailored to resonate with audiences of all ages.

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Boost your confidence from the comfort of home. Our online self-esteem tutoring sessions, rooted in the teachings of ‘Starting From Scratch’, offer personalized guidance, strategies, and support to help you embrace your true self and shine brighter.

About The Book

“Starting from Scratch” by Kristin Bruce is a versatile guide not just for teenagers, but for adults as well, bridging the gap between generations. Kristin delves deep into the complexities of family dynamics, friendships, and personal relationships, shedding light on common hurdles faced in day-to-day life. This self-help masterpiece not only provides clear, insightful solutions to common life challenges, but also facilitates reader engagement through captivating illustrations and interactive activities. Central to its narrative is the exploration of the inner child concept, distinguishing between our authentic self and the facade we often present to the world. As many grapple with such core issues, this book offers a plethora of practical techniques to foster healing and understanding. “Starting from Scratch” is an indispensable read, especially for parents aiming to better understand and connect with their children in these ever-evolving times.

 “Ms. Bruce has covered a large territory of personal growth information to help you understand yourself. She has given you GREAT tools. You will learn, you may struggle, but you will experience self-transformation if you can stick to the course.”

-Myrna Hartley, Ph.D., MFT

 “It is the adolescent equivalent of Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled.” Your work answers many questions that adolescents have felt, but perhaps not even been able to verbalize.”

-Dr. Roger Morgan of “The Loving Solutions Parent Program”

 “It is the adolescent equivalent of Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled.” Your work answers many questions that adolescents have felt, but perhaps not even been able to verbalize.”

-Dr. Roger Morgan of “The Loving Solutions Parent Program”

What’s inside


Importance of Groups


Self Esteem


Retraining Your Mind


Positive Thinking


How To Communicate With Others


Types of Emotions


Mirroring and Validating


Consequences of Holding Feeling In


Your Inner Child


Quieting the Mind


Listening to Your Body





Chapter 1:

Knowing myself
My family tree
The importance of being in a group
The importance of individuality
Enjoyment vs. ability
Morals and values
People around the world
Just because

Chapter 2:

Your needs
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Chakras-more needs in your body
Definition of healthy

Chapter 3:

Self- love
Why self-love
Your inner child
How to nurture yourself
Listening to your body

Chapter 4:

Types of emotions
Types of feelings
Your core self
Your false self
How defenses begin
Knowing what you feel
Your shadow self

Chapter 5:

Everyone has worth
The three areas where you need self-esteem
Benefits of self-esteem
Developing it naturally
Your false self blocks self-esteem
Roles you play to obtain self-esteem

Chapter 6:

How to communicate with others
Stages of feelings
The consequences of holding in
Going back through your past
Mirroring and validating
Communication stoppers

Chapter 7:

How boundaries help
Where you need boundaries
Characteristics of boundaries
What boundaries are not
When you need to set a boundary

Chapter 8:

Automatic thoughts
Thoughts influence emotions
Messages you learn
Cognitive distortions
Retraining your mind

Chapter 9:

Positive thinking
Speak kindly to yourself
Controlling your thoughts
Personal integrity

Chapter 10:

Why you judge
Negative judgments
Taking it personally
Changing your beliefs
Positive judgments

Chapter 11:

You pick the same person
Why they don’t work
How to make a healthier choice

Chapter 12:

Care of the body
Releasing your vices
Quieting the mind
Social life



Although written for teens, Starting From Scratch applies to adults, too. Kristin addresses common conflicts in family, friendships, and relationships.

Starting From Scratch addresses common problems in living and offers solutions with clarity and insight. It keeps the reader fully engaged with pictures and activities throughout its pages.

Most of us encounter inner child (real self vs false self) and other core issues at some point in our lives and this book gives us many ways for practicing workable solutions and responses.

Every parent can learn from this timely book.

Highly recommended.

Charles L. Whitfield, M.D.
Author of Healing the Child Within

About the author.

Kristin Bruce is a school counselor who has served in the public education system for 25 years.  Throughout her time in education she saw a critical need for supporting the well being of the children and teens who were struggling behaviorally and emotionally and decided to do something about it.  That is how How To Be Happy got started.

The goal is to get teens and pre teens out of anxiety and depression and back on track to finding their happiness by teaching communication, boundaries, feelings, cognitive distortions, and using guided imageries and meditation to find peace within themselves.  

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Kristin Bruce

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