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Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Resilience with Kristin Bruce’s ‘Starting from Scratch,’ Your Compass to Navigating Emotional Well-being and Happiness for Teens and Adults Alike!


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With a storied 25 year career in the public education system and a masters in school counseling, Kristin Bruce has not only observed but has delved deeply into the emotional and behavioral struggles that envelop many children and teens. Identifying a crucial need to uplift and support these young minds, Kristin initiated “How To Be Happy”, a project sparked by the tangible desire to create meaningful change. “Starting from Scratch”, her insightful book and its expansive collection including a workbook, lesson plans, and an audio CD, become pivotal tools in this noble endeavor, intertwining crucial life skills lessons with strategies derived from communication, boundary-setting, understanding feelings, addressing cognitive distortions, and finding internal peace through guided imageries and meditation. Her unwavering goal: to guide teens and pre-teens away from the shadows of anxiety and depression, steering them back onto a path where they rediscover their happiness and embrace a serene, fulfilling future. With her vast experience, practical strategies, and a deeply rooted passion for youth mental health, Kristin Bruce remains a stalwart ally in championing the well-being of the younger generation.

Kristin Bruce

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