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Invite Kristin Bruce to your next event, and elevate the experience with her empowering insights into youth mental health and emotional well-being – connect with us to explore the possibilities!


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Embark on a journey of heartfelt enlightenment with Kristin Bruce, your speaker, and guide in navigating through the often turbulent waters of teenage emotions and behaviors. With her enriching, 25-year history as a school counselor, and as the mind behind “Starting From Scratch”, Kristin doesn’t merely speak; she connects, imparting wisdom, strategies, and invaluable insights at speaking engagements, school assemblies, staff inservices, and wellness retreats. Whether addressing a bustling assembly of eager students or a serene, introspective wellness retreat, Kristin seamlessly adapts, ensuring her message not only resonates but also deeply impacts every individual, guiding them toward emotional well-being and efficacious communication.

Kristin’s speaking events are not only steeped in profound knowledge and expertise but also interlaced with real-life experiences, practical solutions, and a heartfelt understanding of the challenges faced by both the young minds and those guiding them. Bridging the generational emotional gap, her speaking engagements echo with the profundity of understanding self and others, making them a pinnacle of enlightenment in any educational or wellness setting. Let’s navigate through the quintessential essence of emotion, communication, and self-discovery together, allowing Kristin to illuminate the path towards emotional wisdom and well-being.

The 4-piece Collection

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Dive into a world of self-discovery and empowerment with the “Starting from Scratch” 4-piece collection, featuring the original book, an engaging Workbook, enlightening Lesson Plans, and an inspirational Audio CD! Each element is meticulously crafted to ensure a comprehensive and transformative learning experience, equipping you with invaluable insights and tools for personal growth.

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