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Adopt the “Starting From Scratch” Curriculum now and unveil a world where your students learn to traverse through their challenges with grace, self-love, and astute emotional wisdom!


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The “Starting From Scratch” Curriculum is an empathetically designed educational journey, acutely tailored to address the myriad of challenges that teens from sixth grade through high school navigate through in today’s intricately complex world. Kristin Bruce, with her two and a half decades of immersive experience in the public education system, has curated this curriculum to plunge into the depths of adolescent challenges, providing a comprehensive toolkit that includes the foundational “Starting From Scratch” book, an interactive student workbook, a meticulously detailed teacher lesson plan book, supportive slides for all lessons, and a meditative audio CD. The curriculum is meticulously designed not only to educate but to resonate, enabling preteens and teens to voyage through today’s world armored with self-love, and proficient in pivotal life skills such as effective communication, emotional regulation, and robust boundary-setting.

Moreover, every page of this curriculum is sprinkled with elements crafted to captivate youthful interest, featuring engaging cartoons and self-discovery quizzes to maintain an interactive and engaging learning environment. Students embark on a journey of understanding the roots of their negative thoughts and behavioral act-outs, but, most importantly, they also learn the path to healing and transformation of these behaviors. Through a fusion of practical knowledge, emotional intelligence, and actionable strategies, teens and preteens are navigated towards a path where they comprehend, confront, and transform their challenges into opportunities for growth and self-development.

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Dive into a world of self-discovery and empowerment with the “Starting from Scratch” 4-piece collection, featuring the original book, an engaging Workbook, enlightening Lesson Plans, and an inspirational Audio CD! Each element is meticulously crafted to ensure a comprehensive and transformative learning experience, equipping you with invaluable insights and tools for personal growth.

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